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Craniosacral Therapy and Intuitive Energy Balancing

Thank you for your interest in what I love to do! Craniosacral Therapy and Intuitive Energy Balancing are non-force, light touch therapy modalities that can create shifts in your physical, mental/emotional and spiritual bodies (not necessarily in that order). My approach is gentle, non-invasive and can create a feeling of calm. In this fast paced world our poor nervous systems rarely have a chance to find a time to reset. Even when we are sleeping we are often not at ease. I like to think of my self as a "nervous system whisperer." Life on this planet can bring us many challenges. Rarely are we able to find a moment to reflect and just BE. Through this work there is space to be with what is happening for you in the moment; the joy, sorrow, trauma, peace, confusion, uncertainty, anxiety, excitement, and the list goes on. All of you is welcome!  My intention for each session is to be present to whatever is happening for you and to help guide you into a place where you are able to gain some perspective and at the very least  experience a deeper feeling of calm. 

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Cynthia has been involved in the healing arts for over two decades. Her training began in massage therapy where she studied many different approaches to healing.  She has lived in Thailand where she learned the ancient art of Thai massage in Chiang Mai. She brought this healing art back to the US where she began teaching at two different local massage schools. Her travels also took her to Fiji Islands where she had the honor and  privilege to live in a small village and teach some local women swedish massage. In turn they taught her their healing ways and imparted great wisdom on how to live simply. Her interest in energy work led her to studying the Japanese system of Reiki. This led her to  working on more subtle levels teaching her that there is more than meets the eye ( and body). She fell in love with the work of Milton Trager which eventually lead her to a deeper love and interest in craniosacral therapy and subtle energy work. She has studied with  many teachers, each with their own unique approach and depth for which she is deeply grateful for. Most importantly she has learned to trust her own guidance and intuition and along with the knowledge she has gleaned from all of her beloved teachers she has created a unique approach to her healing art. 

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Khristine Jones RYT

Cynthia is Magical!!! I have been working with her for over 5 years , she is so knowledgeable about the body and energetics but is also very intuitive. I love that even after all the years of doing body work she continues to learn, grow and study so she can best be of service. Cynthia creates an environment that feels thoughtful, safe and nourishing . She is a true healer !!!  

Sarah MFT

Cynthia's bodywork is hands down the most transformative and healing bodywork I have experienced.  In her sessions I experience a deeply therapeutic level of letting go of old emotions and energy patterns.  I feel clearer and lighter and more attuned to myself afterwards.  It is a experience that is really hard to put into words but the peace and healing are just incredible.

Jacqueline Anaya LAc

Cynthia is an extraordinary healer. Her craniosacral therapy forever, positively healed auric layers of my being. My meditation path and her subtle energy therapy aligned to allow me to understand these subtle but profound healings at that stage in my healing. I'm so very grateful for her. She has an incredible mastery over many branches of body work. 

Vicky Trautman  Writer/Biologist/Healer 

“Simply put, Cynthia fixes me when I’m broken. I have a big, busy life and sometimes I push myself too hard physically and emotionally. Cynthia’s deeply intuitive work restores my balance and helps me heal. If you are serious about taking responsibility for your health I can think of no better healing partner than Cynthia.”

Nicole Fulton M.S, LPCC, NCC

Cynthia’s presence, attunement, and intuition create a truly one of a kind bodywork experience. I feel held  psychologically, physically, spiritually, and especially energetically when I’m in her care. The depth that I am able to access during our sessions is just incredible. I am passionate about self care and love exploring all kinds of modalities/practitioners, and can confidently say that Cynthia’s offering is unmatched. As a somatic psychotherapist I also love having Cynthia as a trusted referral source. My clients literally look different and have a more grounded and relaxed presence after their Cynthia sessions. Thank you for the amazing work you do Cynthia!


 I had my first massage from Cynthia Russek today. She graciously gifted me with an hour massage as a way to give me first hand experience into what she does as a therapist. I was hesitant to take her up on this generous offer because I had not had a massage in a long time and I felt vulnerable opening up to the inherent intimacy in massage. After speaking with her at the beginning so that she would have a sense of my history and what I was looking for in terms of massage, she asked if I might be open to experiencing the type of massage she felt was her best and most intuitive skill. I had no real idea what Cynthia’s techniques were, and no knowledge of the type of massage she might love to do best. I’m not even sure it has a name! She did mention she likes to heal with massage from the inside out instead of the outside in, and that description actually fit perfectly! Every massage I’ve ever had has felt like it came from the outside in — hands manipulating flesh on the outside in order to affect change on the inside — and there is nothing wrong with that! But what Cynthia does is different! She gently touches one or two areas of the body at the same time, and the effect of that slight pressure felt like it was somehow coming from INSIDE my body and radiating outward from there. When she touched two areas of my body at the same time I felt a bubbling up of relaxation and release on the INSIDE. This relaxation was in an area I had not experienced before — the SI joint — and I kept my breathing calm and steady to just let go into the feeling as much as I could. It felt like little explosions of energy, as if long dormant cells were coming to life, reawakening somehow! When I was experiencing those moments of relaxation and release I was not always aware she was touching me at all, because her pressure was so calming and nonintrusive.  Another way to describe the effects of her technique would be that when she touched one area (one leg for instance) it felt like a communication line that had been all gummed up with detritus spontaneously cleared up so that energy could flow freely. When she combined that touch with a spot somewhere else, on the other leg perhaps, I experienced the combination of touches as a communication line between them. I could feel the energy running along that line, flowing freely, and it felt decidedly NEW. This type of connection to communication lines within my body during massage was something I had not ever been aware of before. I believe Cynthia is a very intuitive healer. She utilizes her sensitive awareness of people and their bodies to bring about transformation that starts on the inside and spreads out to include the mind, body and spirit. 

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